May 6, 2016


7 Signs You’re Ready for Love as a Christian

    By Jenelle Lewis

    We’ve all been there. Asking God when will He bring the “one” into our life. We have prayed, fasted, been faithful yet, the “one” is nowhere to be found. You begin to wonder, “What am I doing wrong? God, why are you punishing me by keeping me single?  I give up on my hopes of ever having a blissful, healthy relationship.”

    I won’t even begin to mention the constant reminders from the church, family, and friends that you’ve been single forever, or their constant question of “When are you going to get married?”

    Do not entertain the devil’s lies that marriage will never happen or to give up on God!

    I know the process all too well of waiting on what God has promised me. God is slowly but surely getting you prepared and ready for the day when you and I say, “I do.”

    Here are some signs and some encouragement to let you know that even if it doesn’t appear that God is working it out, He is. I’ve learned sometimes it’s not us waiting on God, but God on waiting us. When you begin to grow and trust God, love will find you.

    Here are some of the signs God is preparing you and some signs you are ready for love to stop hiding from you.


    1. You’re growing spiritually

    Is God and His will number one in your life? Do you only communicate with God when you need something, you’re in trouble, or it’s convenient for you? God wants to be the first priority in your life. You have to be willing to put your future mate on His throne. The two of you must be able to connect and spiritually grow together.  God wants to develop your spiritual walk with Him first. In doing so, you will become a better friend, lover, spouse, mother, father and community member. Ask yourself this, “Is God truly number one in my life?”


    1. You understand no relationship or partner is perfect

    You have enough experience with relationships and people to understand no one is perfect. People, and you, will make mistakes. You realize there’s no such thing as a perfect relationship without issues. You understand communication, compromise, and a proper method of dealing with the issue is the success in a relationship. You are willing and able to accept someone’s flaws with unconditional love.


    1. You are a happy single experiencing life

    You are living life with purpose and enjoying every moment of it. You don’t need marriage to be happy or fulfilled. You are taking this time to learn about yourself, grow, venture out, and try something new. It’s not denying the fact you desire a relationship, you simply refuse to believe life begins only when marriage begins.


    1. You know the essential elements one must have in a relationship

    You understand unconditional love, forgiveness, compromise, sacrifice, communication, commitment, thoughtfulness, and selflessness all play a crucial role in maintaining a healthy, happy relationship. You are fully aware a relationship takes a lot of patience, time, and work. Love is no walk in the park, but it’s well worth the work. Now you have realistic expectations of your relationship and future spouse. You no longer entertain an unrealistic fantasy about marriage.


    1. You stop pursuing love; starts is pursuing you

    You’ve given up on trying to force or manipulate a relationship to work. You no longer choose to settle or compromise your values or morals in order to obtain “love.” You realize when the time is right, love will find you, and you will be ecstatic you waited for the right one God chose for you. It’s when you stop looking for love, love will find you.


    1. You have forgiven ex-lovers, and healed from past hurts

    You have forgiven and let go of all the past hurt and pain from previous relationships or friendships. It’s not that you have forgotten about what he/she has done to you, you just no longer let it consume you. With God and time you’ve healed and understand the purpose the painful event had in your life. You’ve moved on with your life and wish your ex the best. You are wise enough to know your ex is not even worth hating.


    1. You know there’s nothing wrong with you

    You realize there’s nothing wrong with you. You realize everything in life has a season, and the season of marriage is not here yet. You are fully aware how you as an individual, can benefit someone else’s life, and anybody would be blessed to have you. You keep allowing God to mold you and shape you into the person He wants you to be. So walk with confidence, faith, and with your head held high that your day is coming!

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