May 14, 2014


7 Way to Have a Powerful Day!

    1. Make happiness a habit. God wants you to enjoy your life with an abundance of joy which overflows from your heart. Make happiness is your responsibility! True happiness is not based on external factors. True happiness begins from within!
    2. Today, choose to show love to a stranger. Make an effort to make someone’s day by encouraging them to keep pressing on.Encouraging others creates a reciprocal effect that encourages your own heart. No one can deny the fact that we all have our own share of problems. I can guarantee you this, there’s always someone much worse off than you are!
    3. Instead of complaining about everything you don’t have, make a conscious effort to count your blessings. Be grateful for all that you possess and the simple everyday blessings that you take for granted. You might not have everything you desire, but most of us can attest that we sure do possess everything we need. Make the choice to be grateful!
    4. Regardless of what catastrophe occurs in your life, you have to keep the right perspectives. Declare in your heart that instead of having a pity party you will have a praise party! The set-backs are helping you prepare for a come-back! Even though you hurt, still choose to smile. Focus on the things that you love, that bring you joy! Greater joy is coming your way!
    5. God is great! Thank him for every trial that helped build your strength. Be thankful for every battle that forced courage to rise up within you. Thank Him for every relationship that tested your forgiveness. Be thankful for all of your life lessons that transformed you into a victor, not a victim! Most importantly, thank God that He’s carrying you to higher heights, and deeper depths in Him.
    6. Realize that spiritual growth is a choice. You can choose to acquire more knowledge and wisdom. Wake up ready to read a scripture; utter a prayer with a heart full of gratitude. The way you begin your day can set the pace for the rest of the day. Choose to exercise your faith, to have closer a walk with God, and to be obedient to the word. The depth of your personal relationship with Christ is up to you! Instead of spending so much time on Facebook, put your nose in His book! Choose to go deeper!
    7. Leave the past where it belongs…in the past. Don’t waste precious time over yesterday’s regrets. Today is a new day, a new opportunity, a new blank canvas to create a better you. If you’re reading this then you have been blessed with another chance. Smile! Today is going to be a great day for you!

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