All About Me!

    Jenelle is a teacher, a missionary an anointed child of God. She has a deep and abiding aspiration to serve her fellow human beings and guide them through life’s pains and pleasures.

    Jenelle that believes through the Holy Spirit, one has the power to change one’s life. She is a visionary, author, and motivational speaker.

    During a depressing and difficult period in her life, God called upon her to establish “School of Life Ministries.” This ministry makes it a priority to focus on educating individuals to life situations.

    Jenelle loves to travel and work abroad. As an elementary school teacher, Jenelle has taught in the Middle East and Asia. She has also traveled to twelve different countries.

    During her overseas experiences, she developed a deep love for missionary work. She spent some time volunteering with orphanages in Kenya, Taiwan and Mexico.

    God has blessed Jenelle to be a channel of wisdom to inspire, encourage, and empower people so that they can achieve their God-ordained purpose in life. She strives to be transparent with her life lessons learned, and testimonies of faith.

    Jenelle takes great pleasure in sharing encouraging words daily on her social media sites. If you wish to invite Jenelle to one of your upcoming event, please click the contact link for more details.