Private Coaching Session:

    What can you expect when you enroll in our programs?

    Private coaching with Jenelle is an empowering experience that will help you change your perspectives on life. She has advised, motivated, and coached people from around the world. Jenelle uses her unique wisdom, and spirituality.

    Jenelle offers each individual practical tools, in combination with her own life experiences to help intuitively guide her clients.

    Jenelle refers to all of her clients as fellow Life Builders.

    Her goal is to guide each Life Builder to tap into his or her purpose, obtain true happiness, and achieve inner peace. She encourages people to be, and to live, their absolute best by overcoming life obstacles, replacing toxic habits with productive ones, and change their thinking patterns.

    Jenelle believes it is up to individuals to choose to get their life on the right track and take responsibility for their own happiness.

    Every coaching session is customized to each Life Builder’s wants and needs.

    Jenelle has a golden skill that enables her to assists individuals in every area of life. She has a unique gift that provides directions for people who are seeking meaning, clarity, encouragement, accountability, and support in their life.

    What will we be discussing in our private sessions? What type of support can you receive?

    Anything you want to talk about. I’m here to assist you overcome life obstacles, break hindering barriers, and enjoy life to the fullest!

    Here are most popular topics:



    Jenelle I just wanted to let you know that I love reading your posts. You really are a work of God, thank you even the little things such as your words makes a difference in how I feel in the day. Last year was rough for me and I’m still trying to get over that depression. December was when I let out the bomb and coincidental your posts really fit into what was going on at that moment.
    -Cam Tran

    Jenelle, I’ve been reading your passive words, how encouraging. You have always been one of God’s picks and mine (Smile). You just keep on holding on and continue to keep God first. He is getting ready to blow your mine. He is so pleased with you. And so am I!
    -With love, Barbara Burns

    Such wisdom! Thank you!
    -Eva Brown

    You’re the most inspirational person I know! Thanks Jenelle!
    -Greg Keogh

    Thanks Jenelle, I needed that explanation, encouragement and inspiration.
    -Beverly Ball-Jones

    I totally love this woman of God!

    -Kia Johnson

    Such a wise woman. I’m so proud of u best friend! U have come a long way

    -Murrlynn Princess Melton

    Min Jenelle Lewis, I believe you are following in your dad’s footsteps. Where is your Pearl’s Wisdom Young Adult Edition…I’m just saying you are truly a God seek inspirationalist. God is doing much with YOU. I’m loving the process He is doing with you. Keep up the marvelous work.

    -Royal Cooper

    You need to get the books rolling!!

    -Phineka Friend

    That is the truth! Wise young lady you are.

    -Marilyn Epps