June 10, 2015


Do You Know Your Purpose in Life?

    Have you ever asked yourself these questions, “Why am I here?” or “What’s my purpose?”

    With a constant state of confusion you wonder why you exist on God’s green earth.

    I spent years wondering about my purpose.

    One of the best days of your life will be the day you wake up in the morning and truly discover yourself.

    I cannot begin to example the sensational feeling when you wake up understanding your value, worth, purpose, and destiny. Most importantly who you are as a child of God!

    Knowing and acknowledging the real you, is liberating!

    It was not until I completely surrendered my life to Christ that my purpose became apparent. It was as though God handed me a blank contract, had me sign it, and then slowly began to show me exactly why I was born.

    God also placed peace in my heart and sent numerous confirmations to aid my belief. My purpose has aligned itself to my passion, anointing my destiny.

    You may be struggling with this issue right now! Seek God wholeheartedly and He will make your vision plain!

    Self discovery is the best discovery, but discovering yourself in God is the ultimate discovery!

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