“Greetings, I’m Jenelle!”

My goal is to add more value to your season of singleness by giving you tools that will help you see your singleness as a blessing. These tools can be immediately used to prepare you emotionally, mentally and spiritually for the love life you deserve.

What exactly is the love life God desires for you?

God desires for us to love Him first with our whole heart, mind and soul. You’ll never be fully able to understand true love until you fall in love with the Creator of love. Through loving God you understand your value and worth and start to love yourself.

You cannot truly love someone until you first love yourself!

Loving yourself illuminates your soul and spirit, and will shine through in a way that people around you will find simply irresistible!
My deepest desire is for you to embrace your season of singleness with a positive attitude.
I want you to enjoy this season of your life and be filled with happiness, and peace. I want to help develop your sense of adventure while you anticipate marrying the one God has chosen for you.

So why do I want to help you build the love life you deserve?

I have struggled in my own season of singleness.
I have searched for love in all the wrong places. I’ve compromised, lowered my standards, ignored red flags, prolonged dead-end relationships, been rejected, and even tried to convince myself that I could change my significant others.
The list goes on! I often tell people that I have a PhD in what love is not! As I began to spiritually mature, I discovered what true love really is and where to find it!
I felt a yearning and a passion to encourage other singles by using my personal experiences, set-backs, pains, and life lessons learned.
I pray my messages and resources reach those who are brokenhearted, confused, ready for a change, or have just given up on the thought of ever attaining true love.My mission is to empower singles to:

  • Love God first
  • Love themselves
  • Prepare themselves love and togetherness
  • Actively wait for the right one.

Through my passion of wanting to help others I became a motivational speaker, author, life coach, and a woman of God ready to help change the world.
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